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Jun 20, 2013 1:00pm PDT
they're going to improve our economy just doesn't work. >> my job isn't to try to impose my will. >> i call him president barack onixon. >> your street cred collapses. >> this guy was the great hope. he was the tea party senator. >> god bless the tea party. >> i was a stranger and you welcomed me. and these are not strangers. >> you need to take every one of those irs agents and put them on our southern border. >> i didn't come here to be speak irbecause i needed a fancy title and a big us a. >>> good afternoon. the markets have just wrapped up a dramatic sell-off. the dow closed down some 300-plus points on news that the chairman of the federal reserve, ben bernanke, is hinting that they will be winding down the stimulus of the economy through its bond-buying program. we'll have more on that later in the broadcast. but first, more than 11 million lives hang in the balance. the veritable nation within a nation, as a bipartisan group of senators reach a deal to strengthen border security in the senate's immigration bill. it is a break-through that could pave the way for republican senat
Jun 19, 2013 1:00pm PDT
talking about jobs and the economy? why weren't we talking about any of the issues the american public cares about? it's no wonder congress's an probable rating is about 10ers right now. >> we're supposed to learn from our mistakes, aren't we? and comments about rape and abortion plagued the gop in 2012. it's own autopsy, it's own autopsy says they look scary and out of touch. and so what does the op do? it downs down on on abortion. >> i mean i thought if they should have learned anything from the 2012 elections it's ta they shouldn't go after women's personal health care decisions. and instead, that he brought up this bill yesterday and adding to the indignity, they put these so-called exceptions which basically said if somebody is raped and they want to have an abortion, they now are required to report it. and we all know many women don't report rape because of the stigma or whatever. now they're just making it worse for women. >> right. in fact, i believe the figure is over 35% of women who do not report incidents of rape to law enforcement. your colleague michael burgess be
Jun 17, 2013 4:00pm EDT
than it is in many of the world's other leading economies. joining us now is jared bernstein of the center on budget and policy priorities and a former top economist to advice joe biden. is this not a good moment for us to gave thanks that congressman paul ryan has not been in charge of the american economy because if he had been, it would resemble those at the g-8 who have suffered triple dip recessions as a result of applying austerity? >> i think it is a helpful analogy. if you think about the impact of the of kinds of policies, austerity, that paul ryan and many other republicans stand for right now, you can see their economic impact by looking over at europe. back in 2009, when there was a similar summit, a g-209 summit, the president went over there and explained we're applying fiscal stimulus pretty aggressively in our country and many of you should try to do the same. some of them took it up on it and their economies began to improve. then they pivoted to deficit reduction way too early and by the bit off this austerity idea to the point where you can just watch their unempl
Jun 18, 2013 1:00pm PDT
the economy, immigration reform, national security, forget it. it the house of representatives wants to go back 40g years. -- 40 years. ♪ i've got the power >> one of the things you learn as president, you do have differing perspectives on problems. >> it is very easy to slip slide deeper and deeper. >> these programs have protected the u.s. and our allies from terrorist threats. >> the nsa cannot listen to your telephone calls. >> over 50 times of since 9/11. >> i don't pay a lot of attention to what barack obama says. >> i don't think we ought to be playing games. >> women have said you need to do something about these late term abortions. >> we have got to get serious. >> we're going to take that action today. >> what have you done for me lately? that's my job. i accept that. >> it is a busy tuesday. we're following developments on multiple fronts this afternoon. the president has just touched down in germany after concluding some critical meetings at the jaxt sux mit in northern ireland. he arrives in berlin with a full slate of issues to confront on the world stage. as a
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)